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The top four factors that influence Bay Area Limo service prices

Are you looking for an affordable Bay Area Limo service? If yes, then look at the factors that influence limo prices in the region. Despite choosing a cheap rental service, it is best to book a top notch business at affordable rates. So, therefore, it is important to know the different aspects that influence car rentals, so that you can make the best decision.


The service

Bay Area Limo hire rates are affected by the service which the business provides. Certain companies can only provide one way trips, while other offers a round trip. Also, some firms include refreshments in their packages, whereas others count it as an extra. So, therefore, it is important to establish what exactly your needs are.  Proper planning will help you find the company for your needs. For an instance, if you are looking to book one for airport transfers, you would like the package to include refreshments. On the other hand, as a business traveler, you would like to hire one for the whole day for a round trip.


Prices of Bay Area Limos are also influenced by the occasion. For example: wedding cars are costly to rent as the package includes decoration of the car with ribbons, flowers, bows and champagne.  For airport transfers, the companies only charge a flat rate fee as it only includes pick and drop facility.

Car model

Limos are available in varying modes and sizes. So, therefore, it is best to get quotes from several providers and choose the one that you like.

Duration of the hire     

Lastly, you have to understand that the service providers usually set their charges based on the duration of the hire. The standard rental time is usually two to three hours.  However, for specific needs, talk to the provider directly.

Also, prior to hiring any service, you need to inquire about the hidden charges. These costs may include waiting charges, in case you get stuck in the traffic, parking fee, toll tax and lots more.

Now you know the factors that influence limo prices, take your time to choose the company that can make your occasion a sweet memory for life. Research well, compare quotes and then select the firm that offers the best services at the best rates.

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